Unveiling of “Arvand Yar” mobile application in Arvand Free Zone

Kamal Rezaei, Arvand Free Zone Organization’s Director of Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure announced the unveiling of Arvand Yar application software for quick access to electronic services of the General Inspection Office in Arvand Free Zone.
According to Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Arvand Free Zone Organization, Rezaei added: “Arvand Yar” application software is designed and implemented in order to receive electronic services such as, tourism services, investment services as well as to send public reports in the field of inspection in Arvand Free Zone as soon as possible.
While thanking the cooperation of Director General of Inspection and Complaints Investigation department of Arvand Free Zone Organization, Rezaei continued: It is possible to electronically register complaints, suggestions and misstatements, follow up requests, file status in all stages and expert references, the possibility of recording complaints in audio and video in the inspection section of this software; also, in order to be aware of the status of the case, text messages related to the complainant will be sent.
Pointing to the importance of expanding e-services in the current situation, he said: “Citizens of Arvand Free Zone can refer their problems to the organization’s inspection officials via the Arvand Yar application. It has been possible to make suggestions, complaints and grievances, without physical presence due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.
He added: The possibility of using electronic services of Arvand Free Zone Organization in investment and tourism sectors has also been embedded in this applied software.
Referring to the services of this applied software, Rezaei finally pointed out: version one of this software can be installed and used on all smartphones with Android operating system, and soon in the second phase and the new version of this software, the possibility of following up the administrative correspondence with the organization, issuing the necessary licenses for economic activists will also be activated.

To receive and install Arvand Yar applied software directly, follow the link below