Harirchi in Arvand Free Zone to visit the treatment process of Covid-19 patients

Iraj Harirchi, Health Minister Deputy, made a visit to Arvand Free Zone to witness the treatment of patients with Covid-19.
According to Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Arvand Free Zone Organization, Haririchi visited Taleghani Hospital in Abadan this morning, appreciating and thanking the efforts of the hospital’s medical staff, and closely witnessed the process of treating patients.
He stressed the participation and sympathy of all people in cutting the chain of coronavirus’ spread and noted that in order to reduce and eliminate the epidemic of the virus, people should stay at home and avoid unnecessary traffic as much as possible.
Regarding the novelty of this virus and the short time that has passed since its outbreak in the world, he noted: “A definitive drug for the treatment of coronavirus has not yet been discovered in the world.” Researchers in our country are also working hard to develop a vaccine or an effective drug to treat this disease.