The damaged parts of the Arvand commercial center (Kenz Al Mall) will be operational soon

Kamal Rezaei, CEO of Arvand Free Zone Development and Investment Company announced the final stages and re-launch of the damaged parts of the Arvand Commercial Complex (Kenz Al Mall).
According to Arvand Free Zone Organization Public Relations and International Affairs Department, Kamal Rezaei, referring to the loss of businessmen in this commercial complex, said: “The organization’s Development and Investment Company decided to build booths damaged by the recent fire in this market without delay and without paying attention to the shiftiness of insurance companies.”
The official announced the allocation of 40 billion Rials so far to compensate the damages caused to Arvand commercial complex and added: the credit estimated for the completion of the reconstruction of this commercial complex will be 90 billion Rials.
He promised to build damaged booths and deliver them by Nowruz and the beginning of the year 1399, but coinciding with the outbreak of Coronavirus he added: “Although this unfortunate event created limitations for us, but the reconstruction work from early days has begun and in less than two months the booths are almost complete; the construction of the bazaar will be accelerated as soon as the quarantine is lifted, and we hope that this bazaar will be handed over to the booth owners at the same time as other markets across the country reopen.
It is worth mentioning that late last year three warehouses and 76 booths of Arvand Commercial Center caught fire.