The performance of Arvand Free Zone in the past year, from increasing exports to winning the top zone award in infrastructure development

Arvand Free Zone witnessed successes in the fields of production, export, and investment in the Iranian Calendar, 1398, and seems to be determined to pursue its plans in the new year with greater vigor. This zone has also had good cultural, artistic and tourism developments over the past year.
In this regard Mousavi, the deputy of investment and economic affairs said: “Our priorities in 1398/2019 were to create a safe environment for investment in the region so that the private sector can operate in a calm and risk-free environment. Also, with our special focus on knowledge-based companies, we were trying to increase the attention and support of knowledge-based industries in the region.
The Deputy of Investment of Arvand Free Zone Organization also said: “By the end of 1400/2021, we will put about 30 large projects into operation in Arvand Free Zone, the amount of investment of which is more than 81 thousand billion Iranian Rials and it will create direct employment for 4,700 people and also indirect employment for 14,000 people. In fact, the boom in production, exports and investment in Arvand Free Zone is due to the view of the organization’s managers in the field of infrastructure improvement, which is pursued with the aim of attracting maximum investment for the public welfare. This led to the FDI Magazine’s evaluation of the Financial Times, which annually evaluates and ranks the world’s free zones, and Arvand won the Steel Industry Specialist Award and the Best Zone Award for Infrastructure Development among the world’s free zones in 2019.
Also Ismaeil Zamani, Chairman and CEO of Arvand Free Zone Organization, in an interview with Eghtesad 24 said: “Despite the sanctions and its threats, the total amount of domestic and foreign investment was acceptable this year, and the export of Arvand Free Zone was about $ 1 billion.” Out of this amount, $ 200 million was exports from products manufactured in Arvand Free Zone. Asking about the forecast for investment in the region in 2020, the CEO of the Arvand Free Zone told Eqtesad 24: “We should expect international developments next year, but it seems that the economic outlook in our region is good and we will not have any problems.”