No shortage of disinfectants in Arvand Free Zone

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Arvand Free Zone Organization, due to the spread of the coronavirus throughout the country and the province and hearing some rumors of disinfectant deficiency, Seyyed Ali Mousavi, Arvand Free Zone Organization’s Deputy of Investment, denied the allegations and stated that there was no shortage of the materials. We do not have any shortage of disinfectants in Arvand Free Zone, he added: four production units in Arvand Free Zone produce disinfectants, detergents, bleach, disinfecting gels and alcohol and are sufficiently provide the citizens of Abadan, Khorramshahr and other provincial cities.
Emphasized that besides providing people with the life necessities, there is no unavailability for detergents and alcohol, Mousavi said: all detergents and alcohol are being manufactured in the region’s manufacturing units and delivered through pharmacies, hypermarkets, chain stores and cooperatives through a process overseen by Industry, Mine and Trade Organization, Governmental Discretionary Punishments Organization and School of Medical Sciences; The packaging is done and distributed in different weights.
Arvand Free Zone Investment Deputy noted: in conjunction with the headquarters for the control and fight against coronavirus and commerce and market regulation division, we will conduct direct monitoring in cooperation with all executive agencies at the regional level to ensure that our citizens have no problem.
At the end, Mousavi said: There are two active oxygen production units in the region that provide the necessary oxygen to hospitals through capsules in different volumes.