Human resource development, the most important part of development in any country

In a meeting with provincial and staff managers of the country’s Technical and Vocational Training Organization, Ali Eliassi, director of Training and Business Development of Arvand Free Zone Organization said: Human resources development is the most important part of development in any country.
According to Arvand Free Zone Organization Public Relations and International Affairs Department, Eliassi described the meeting as effective in training and developing human resources, because it is the most important part of development in any country.
He described skills training as one of the characteristics of a successful person who is technically and professionally responsible and added, the most important purpose of the Skills Council, is to train human resources.
Mr. Eliassi assessed the role of universities and education as crucial to the development of a successful human being and acknowledged: Universities should move towards fourth generation and community-based education. In fact, every student should be proficient after completing his / her education.
The most important factor for the advancement and competitiveness of every sector of the economy is the knowledge of the day and developed human; and also what we pursue is the development and training of human resources in all areas, from tourism to industry and everything in business field, the director said.