Country’s first mat festival is being held in the Arvand Free Zone

In order to expand and develop the art of mat weaving, the first mat festival of the country will be held in Khorramshahr.
Public Relations and International Affairs department of Arvand Free Zone Organization reports, due to the importance of this festival in the development of the area’s mat weaving as one of the local arts with historical background, the secretariat of this event will be established in Khorramshahr governorate.
The main focus of the festival, which will be organized by the Khorramshahr Cultural Heritage and Tourism Administration with the support of the Arvand Free Zone Organization and Khorramshahr Governorate in the second half of March, will be on village mat production.
It is worth mentioning that the main purpose of the festival is to develop the art of weaving in the villages, motivate the restoration of the art in the forgotten areas and to provide employment opportunities in this area.
It is worth noting that in the first year this event is planned to be a provincial festival and next year it will be welcoming artists and their works at national level.