Arvand is an unsafe area for smugglers

Investment Deputy of Arvand Free Zone Organization said, we are making Arvand an increasingly unsafe area for smugglers, working with members of combating smuggling of goods and currency workgroup.
Public Relations and International Affairs department of Arvand Free Zone Organization reports, Seyed Ali Mousavi regarding the outcome of the meeting with the named workgroup said, the meeting was designed to inform all importers of the need to register their goods and warehouses in a comprehensive warehouse system. Also, no order will be placed for importers who do not have a warehouse ID.

He stressed that the necessary controls over the non-withdrawal of essential goods subject to government subsidies through tourists and foreign nationals from the water and soil borders of the region will be taken more seriously and necessary actions will be taken.
Mousavi added, it was decided to provide this information on the removal of prohibited goods, especially for tourists from the friendly and neighboring country of Iraq, through the installation of a banner or through the Iranian Trade Advisor in Basra province.
Investment and business development deputy of Arvand Free Zone Organization noted, we will inform the public through the media of Prompt and timely handling of smuggling cases in Abadan and Khorramshahr.