Youthfulness, the policy of the Free Zones Staff Co-operative Company

“The general policy in this cooperative is to use and employ young and talented human forces,” said Arvand Free Zone Organization Staff Co-operative Company Managing Director.
According to Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Arvand Free Zone Organization; Ali Khani, Managing Director of Arvand Free Zone Staffs’ Co-operative Company in a cooperative personnel and Arvand Free Zone Organization family celebration stated the use of young and talented forces. He added that the average age of Arvand Free Zone Co-operative Forces personnel is 35 years.
Mr. Khani pointed out that the successive secret of Arvand Free Zone Organization’s staff cooperative company is the use of the young, motivated and active local forces. Elsewhere, he added that undoubtedly, the secret to the repeated success of Arvand Free Zone staff’s cooperative success and the achievement of top national co-operative has been nothing but the emphasis on trust, responsibility and the use of young, creative and dynamic indigenous forces in different parts of the cooperative.
Arvand Free Zone Staffs’ Co-operative Managing Director stated that his priority is to strive to improve the job security and welfare of the co-operative staff. Our red line has always been the job security of our staff.