Twenty industrial, service, commercial and infrastructure units to be exploited in February

Arvand Free Zone Organization deputy of Investment said, with planned actions more than 20 industrial, service, commercial and infrastructure units will be exploited in February.
According to Arvand Free Zone Organization Public Relations and International Affairs department, Seyed Ali Mousavi at a news conference in the meeting hall of the organization, added: “In the year of production boom, our focus is on supporting small and medium-sized industries and striving to complete infrastructure needed for industrial sector, so far we have activated 6 industrial units and it is scheduled to activate 10 inactive industrial units by the end of the Iranian year.
He also said: the number of active industrial units in the region has currently reached to 176 units.
Mousavi continued: “We have pursued the production of industrial units through the establishment of Customs, Finance and Legal Executive Committees to overcome the barriers of production and we are paying more attention to the knowledge-based resources in the region.”
At the end, Arvand Free Zone Organization’s Deputy of Investment and Economic Affairs said: In cooperation with the provincial industrial estates in support of producers, in January, the largest exhibition of industrial empowerment of Khuzestan province and Arvand Free Zone will be held at the permanent location of the organization and at the same time, two delegations from Oman and Iraq will visit the exhibition.