Empowering the people of the region depends on the tourism boom

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs department of Arvand Free Zone Organization, Deputy Director of Cultural, Social and Tourism Affairs of this Organization, Ghodratollah Tamimian at a meeting with tourism activists pointed out that the attendees at the meeting appreciate the importance and role of tourism in development and economic growth and they have spent their time and capital on this path. He also added: “Empowering the people of the region to distribute wealth fairly depends on the tourism boom.”
He added: Abadan, Khorramshahr, Mino Island, and Arvand Free Zone in general have a high potential in the tourism sector and we can use these benefits to boost the region’s economy.
He said the purpose of holding such a meeting was to explore ways and measures to achieve tourism prosperity and development: “Advanced countries consider tourism development to be one of the most important issues of their country’s economy and they are policymaking with this view;” but unfortunately to date we have not been able to use these privileges to address the economic and social problems of the people, and we need to do more.
Arvand Free Zone Deputy Director of Culture, Social and Tourism stated that brainstorming and consulting with tourism activists will help us with our organizational task and that none of us will achieve the desirable task alone. Undoubtedly being together and synergizing between the two parties will lead to a positive development and growth in tourism industry.