Skill Festival, a step towards human resources development

Ali Eliassi, Director of education and business development, in Arvand Free Zone Organization said: The acquisition of knowledge and ability to apply it will open the door to human development and transform societies from human resources to social capital.
According to Public Relations and International Affairs department of Arvand Free Zone Organization; Ali Eliassi said: the first skills festival in Arvand Free Zone will be held to promote the culture of learning skills, adding: Promotion of individual, organizational, occupational and the ten core Life Skills will be the main goals of the festival.
Mr. Elias also explained that in personal development, we need to invest in enhancing individual skills. In fact, with this approach, people plan on personal development and how to be better than themselves.
Emphasizing that the biggest asset in the economic war is investing in human resources, he added: “Vocational education has an effective role in reducing employment problems and should be given much more formal training in the country.”
Elias considered it essential to acquire ten life skills, and acknowledged: Self-awareness, creative thinking, problem solving, critical thinking, communication skills, stress control, empathy, decision making and controlling negative emotions, and building consistent interpersonal relationships are important skills that acquiring them is of great importance to individual development.
It is worth noting that the first Arvand Free Zone Skill Festival will be held on Monday, August 5th , at the conference hall of Islamic Azad University (Abadan Branch), commendation of those in the skill field.