Khorramshahr-Basra shipping line resumes

Cultural, Social and Tourism deputy of Arvand Free Zone Organization, said: Khorramshahr Shipping Line to Basra reopens by approaching Arbaeen Hosseini.
Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Arvand Free Zone Organization reports, the Deputy of Cultural, Social and Tourism and Deputy of Investment and Business Development of this Organization were on a one-day trip to Iraq by brilliant passenger ship.
With the approach of Arbaeen Hosseini’s time and the presence of pilgrims who chose the zone to travel to Karbala, the vessel’s position on the waterways will greatly assist the trip of these loved ones, according to the cultural deputy.
He also said: In this trip, we will also meet with the Iraqi Minister of Transport and Communications to discuss issues related to transportation.
It is worth mentioning that Nakhalhai e Sabz e Sarrafaz Company, the charterer of the Walfajr Shipping Company, has announced that it will support the Khorramshahr route to Basra once a week and vice versa by a 235-passenger Brilliant ship.