Reducing social harm by supporting NGOs

Mrs. Maryam Mansouri, Assistant to the Managing Director in Women’s Affairs of Arvand Free Zone Organization said: “Supporting target groups in training courses will empower NGOs of Arvand Free Zone, which will lead to social change, improve quality of life and reduce harm.”

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs department of Arvand Free Zone Organization, Mrs. Maryam Mansouri, in attendance at the first workshop on the capability of a series of workshops organized by the Khorramshahr Bahar Institute and the Deputy Directorate for Women and Family Affairs of the Presidential Office, supporting the target groups in these courses has led to social change, quality of life, and harm reduction.
Mansouri expressed her satisfaction with the workshops held by Dr. Khadijeh Yar Ali, the head of the Khuzestan Women’s Entrepreneurs Association and a leading consultant for entrepreneurship in their national projects, pointing out: “Empowerment and capacity building for women who have the largest share of participation in civil society and creating motivation to establish new organizations by them, are among the most important goals of these courses.
He reminded that future plans of the Institute will be aimed at promoting women’s empowerment in business sustainability, identifying market networks and communicating with entrepreneurial women.