Investigating foreign investment attraction opportunities during a meeting with Deputy Minister of Economy

Deputy of Investment department of Arvand Free Zone Organization discusses the opportunities for attracting foreign investment in various fields during a meeting with the Deputy Minister of Economy.
According to Arvand Free Zone Organization Public Relations and International Affairs, Seyyed Ali Mousavi, on the visit to the Organization for Investment and Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran this morning, said that the meeting was attended by Ismaeil Zamani, Managing Director of Arvand, Morteza Shahidzadeh Head of the National Development Fund, Sirus Parvizian, Managing Director of Parsian Bank and Ahmad Jamali, General Director of the Foreign Investment Office.
He emphasized on development and attraction of foreign investment, production boosting and assistance to industrial and manufacturing units as the most important issues discussed at the meeting, adding that the attendees at the meeting promised to assist and cooperate with Arvand Free Zone in the areas discussed.