The 5-star Fadak train was added to Arvand Free Zone fleet

Director of Tourism Development and Cultural Heritage of Arvand Free Zone Organization said: In line with the goals of tourism development, the Fadak 5-star train was added to the railway of the region.
According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of Arvand Free Zone Organization; Fadak train, the first 5-star Iranian train, has provided significant service improvements to the level of services offered by airlines throughout the world and endeavors to provide privileged services to its guests.
Seyyed Mohammad Seyyedi, referring to the fact that Arvand Free Zone with the high capacity of the transportation system on all the transportation lines, such as maritime, railways, roads and air between the free zones of the country is one of the most prominent regions, said: Considering that the transportation infrastructure of Arvand Free Zone is one of the privileges of this region; adding this train, which has a very high quality of service to passengers, can have a significant impact on tourism growth.
Seyyedi noted the difference in the 5-star Fadak train with other rail companies as a quality service and added: “Considering the importance of tourism and its position in economic growth, we can undoubtedly see flourishing and growing with the equipping of the transport fleet.” We are ahead of this industry in the region.