Commemoration of Labor’s Day in Arvand Free Zone

On May 1st, Ordibehesht 11th, the World Labor Day is celebrated throughout the world; a day in which it honors the working community and is commended for its hard work.
According to Arvand Free Zone Public Relations and International Affairs department, this year labor’s day in Abadan and Khorramshahr was held differently from previous years. Arvand Free Zone Organization, with the solidarity of the industrial units in a special event, honored 60 workers.
This ceremony was held in Abadan Hall with the presence of, Esmaeil Zamani, the managing director of Arvand Free Zone Organization, Amer Kabi and Jalil Mokhtar, two representatives of the people of Abadan in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, accompanied by a large number of deputies and directors of this organization and other institutions and also, Qorban Darvishi, the secretary of the Khuzestan Labor’s House.