Arvand Rood Dredging and visa waiver are two important issues for Arvand Free Zone

Managing director of Arvand Free Zone Organization said: Arvand Rood dredging and visa waiver are two important issues raised during the recent visit of President Hassan Rouhani to Iraq, which is very important for our region.
According to the Public Relations and International Affairs department of Arvand Free Zone Organization, at a meeting between the Managing Director of Arvand Free Zone Organization and the Consulate General of Iran in Basra, in the presence of all the deputies of this organization and the administrators of the executive agencies, while referring to Hassan Rouhani’s recent visit to Iraq, aiming to expand bilateral relations, said: “two issues of Arvand Rood dredging and the presence of nationals of two countries without visas in the regions are among the most important issues.
Ismael Zamani called Arvand Rood as a national issue and called it the long-term wish of the people of the region, adding: ” The main axis of the 1975 challenging contract was the Arvand Rood dredging, whose controversy was one of the factors that shaped the eight-year war between the two countries.
The CEO of Arvand Free Zone Organization also called on all executive departments to prepare social, security, political and economic issues for a new fundamental change, adding that although Iraq offered to remove the visa between the two countries for the next step, but removing visa fees for both nations has already been implemented.
At the end, he assessed the agreement as an important and positive step in the region, which would increase the number of people moving significantly between the two countries, and said: “The effect of the entry of Iraqi citizens more than anywhere in our region will be evident, causing market boom and business resuscitation.