Foreign Exchange Activities in Arvand Free Zone

Foreign Exchange
Exchange of all foreign currencies against Rials and other currencies, currency transactions and transfers are allowed in Arvand Free Zone by natural and legal persons.
Foreign Exchange Rate
The rate of foreign exchange for all currencies as well as exchanging them into Rials is based on supply and demand of the market.
Foreign Currencies
The transfer of all foreign currencies from main land to Arvand Free Zone and from Arvand Free Zone to other Free Zones of the country and abroad is allowed.
Transfers of currency to any extent from the Free Zone to the rest of the country and vice versa will be subject to the currency rules and regulations of the country.

Bank Transactions
Transactions of all banking units in the region to Iranian Rials will be subject to the provisions of Interest-Free Banking Act. These banks in their currency transactions, are allowed to comply with international banking procedures.

Interim Interest Rate
Bank units can determine the interim profits rate of investment deposits in their own discretion and pay in accordance with contracts concluded with depositors at specified intervals.

Foreign Exchange Regulations
Currency transactions of banking units in Arvand Free Zone is not subject to foreign currency regulations of the rest of the country. Bank transaction fees, currency exchange rates, and interest on concessional facilities, based on capital adequacy ratios set by the central bank and according to internationally recognized standards.