Center for innovation and technology to be launched in Arvand Free Zone

Deputy of Investment and Business Development department of Arvand Free Zone Organization said: According to the Decree of the Board of Ministers, in line with the knowledge-based economy and announcement of the Resistance economy Command, center for innovation and technology will be launched in Arvand Free Zone.
According to Public Relations and International Affairs department of Arvand Free Zone Organization, quoting from Fars News reports, Seyed Ali Mousavi stated, Knowledge-based economy, and creation of ecosystem, innovation, and technology are good potentials for the development of technology-based entrepreneurship.
Expressing that the president considers free zones to be the pilot of new businesses, he added: Arvand Free Zone has also launched a Center for Innovation and Technology in cooperation with the private sector and the country’s known accelerators.
Mousavi also expressed, this center is a base, composed of various elements with function and creation of a continuous network between owners and stakeholders in the field of innovation and technology to support entrepreneurship based on innovation in the region. Its main mission is to fully implement the cycle of transforming knowledge into value.
He pointed out that the number of academic centers in the region is an important potential in this field and said: Innovation-based entrepreneurship is commonly known as Startup. Major focus of innovation and technology center is on the development of start-up businesses with the help of regional capacities.
Deputy of Investment and Business Development department noted, this ecosystem as the main sponsor of startups, plays a key role in the process of creating and developing new businesses, developing innovative products and services, developing a knowledge-based economy, creating wealth, promoting technology and creating productive employment in the region.