Operation of Green Coke Company in Arvand Free Zone

Green Coke Company came into operation today with the presence of secretariat of the Supreme Council of Iran’s Free Trade, Industrial and Special Economic Zones and Minister of Energy.
Public Relations and International Affairs department of Arvand Free Zone Organization reports, the company producing carbonated petroleum coke, with a total production capacity of 80 thousand tons of Calciane oil with a total area of 15 hectares was launched in Khorramshahr Industrial Town.
Economic and Investment deputy of Arvand Free Zone Organization announced, the number of people employed in this project is 81 with the credit of 524 billion Rials. He added, Raw materials of this site is supplied from Turkmenistan. Providing raw materials for domestic affiliated industries, reducing the exit of foreign currency to import the product and creating the proper employment are benefits of this industrial unit.
Seyed Ali Mousavi noted, the product of green coke is used as a coke processing from waste from certain refineries in the aluminum industry.