Company Registration Mobile Application in Arvand Free Zone

Company registration Mobile application has come into operation for company registration processes in Arvand Free Zone Organization.
According to the Public Relations and International Affairs department of Arvand Free Zone Organization, Kamal Rezaie, the Director of ICT infrastructure department at Arvand Free Zone Organization, said: “This application can be installed on all mobile and tablet Android platforms.

The Director ICT Infrastructure department of Arvand Free Zone Organization added: “Due to the increasing requests for company registration services in the organization and in order to reduce the time spent on registering the company, this application has been designed and implemented.
Referring to the possibility of online registration of companies through this software, Rezaei said the naming process involves paying for the name of the company online, displaying the list of company registration rules, sending the requested names along with the company lawyer’s profile, determining the type of company, Announcements and news related to the registration of the company, a complete guide to registration of the company is some of the capabilities of this mobile application.

He pointed out that access to company information profile includes the list of shareholders, the amount of shares, signature authorization and the possibility of recording information related to the company’s activities, newspaper, place and company branch, payment receipts and fees, the amount of capital and registration of board meetings, along with the specifications of the attendees and the party at the end and finally receiving the company’s registered information and submitting the application for registration, is another feature of this application software.
Considering the strategies of the passive defense organization and the extent and importance of cyberspace among the people, it was imperative that, by designing application software in this organization, another step was taken to facilitate the conduct of procedures as well as to serve the clients.
It is worth mentioning that Arvand Free Zone has been registering its companies online as the first free zone in the country since the last 5 years.
This software is now available through the Android Market and Google Play Store, called Arvand Free Zone Registration Company System.