Launching fiber optic (FTTb) and video monitoring project (Arvand Free Zone)

Fiber optic (FTTb) and video monitoring project was launched in the industrial site of Abadan in order to Increase Internet access services, upgrading the quality and increasing bandwidth, providing integrated services such as CCTV network, telephone centers, TVs etc.
Public relations and international affairs department of Arvand Free Zone Organization reports, Mowood Shamkhani, technical and infrastructure Deputy of Arvand Free Zone Organization Said, this project is designed to create a sustainable, secure and low cost data access expedited and in accordance with the latest standards.
Shamkhani added, access to the World Wide Web (Internet), Internal network (intranet), access to data space and facilities in the area, complete establishment of video monitoring network and its transfer to the regional monitoring center are among the objectives of the project.
Referring to a wide range of services available on fiber optic he said, the project will be implemented by the management of ICT infrastructure over a period of 12 months with a credit of 36 billion Rials.
Shamkhani pointed out, given the users’ need for more bandwidth in the field of industry as well as the development of the old network infrastructure, this project will be implemented according to the Perspective of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the horizon of 1404.
Technical and infrastructure Deputy of Arvand Free Zone Organization also said, Implementing Fiber Optic Infrastructure is one of the unique communication projects needed by the next generation which has unlimited bandwidth and covers the speeds of hundreds megabits, compared to copper wire it reduces maintenance and support costs for Internet service providers.